Is your content boring?

You are a busy entrepreneur making waves, closing deals, managing…. But is your marketing content on track? Our ‘ACTIVE OR ASLEEP’ Content Assessment Quiz is based on the idea that engaging content should inspire action, not boredom. Go ahead, try it. Please be honest with yourself…

Time for a nap if you’re content is ASLEEP with any of these 6 qualities:

All over the place– your content reads like you cut & pasted from 5 different other blogs; too many ideas, appears plagiaristic (obviously copied), disorganized, not fun to read.

Slow – lead paragraph isn’t catchy, you’re losing my attention really fast.

Lazy – you didn’t research your customer’s needs, you just posted something ‘because’, and readers can tell you’ve rushed to get it done.

Errors – you’ve got grammar and spelling typos, maybe some factual errors.

Extranenous – you have too many bits of information that aren’t directly related to your main topic. I’m losing interest real fast.

Promotional – your content is trying to sell me something, use all kinds of adjectives to describe how your product/service is the very best. I don’t like pressure and I’ve clicked off.

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Do a jumping jack if your website, blog, or article has these 5 ACTIVE qualities:

Awake – your content makes the reader want to sit up and pay attention

Clued-in – your customers “get it” because you’ve given them what they want

Titillating – text evokes feelings + images so readers can remember it

Interesting – holds attention + packs a punch for use in other formats

Value – includes resources, how to’s or other practical ideas, so the reader feels taken care of and ready to do something

Energetic – shows thought, invites action (sharing, registering for a workshop, subscribing, etc.)